Home Décor Ideas Using Marble Slab in Toronto Homes

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Marble slab home decor ideas are a great way to beautify and add value to your home. Investing in natural stone is about long-lasting beauty and durability. Marble has many uses in home décor and is known for its ability to shine. After the stone is excavated, the marble slab is grinded, polished, and buffed before it finds its way into your Toronto home. There are two types of finishes: honed and polished. Honed stones are smoother, yet require less grinding and buffing than polishing. Honed stones are more scratch-resistant and less glossy, as polishing brings out the veins and shades of colours in the stone. Though marble is not fully scratch or heat-resistant, it still makes for a highly functional surface in many parts of the home.

Home Uses of Marble



Marble makes for a chic countertop option in any kitchen, bringing sophistication to even the simplest of spaces. A marble countertop can be a beautiful addition to any style of kitchen. Durable enough to withstand daily use, marble can really give your home a luxurious look and feel.


Marble also makes a great surface for the island in your kitchen. A marble island is very elegant and highly functional. Marble slabs can also be cut down the sides of the island for a very stunning appeal.


Marble flooring can really bring continuity to a space. Honed marble may be more appropriate for the bathroom, where wetness and moisture is more common, however, polished marble floors can shine in any room or space. Many designers use variations of marble tile to decorate a room; using a darker coloured tile around the perimeter of the floor, for example.


No matter the surface or flooring of your kitchen, marble tile backsplashes are a great way to add the beauty and value of marble to your kitchen. Be creative when choosing a pattern for your tiles.

Cutting Boards

Marble cutting boards are a chic option for homeowners looking to bring marble to their kitchen in smaller doses. It’s something homeowners can leave on display in an accessible location, adding to the décor of the space.


Marble is finding its way into many living rooms as a very modern alternative to the traditional coffee table. It is a great way to dress up a clean room, emphasizing the shine, natural beauty, and patterns of the rock.


Many homeowners are finding elegant ways of making smaller pieces of furniture out of marble. Small pedestal side tables are a great way to bring the sophistication of marble to any area.


A marble tile wall can make for a stunning headboard that doubles as room décor, minimizing the amount of things you will have to add to your walls.
Homeowners are finding creative uses for marble slab and tile in their Toronto homes. Marble brings timeless elegance, beauty, and sophistication to any space it resides. It can be made to shine, stand out, or complement other design elements ­– creating a cohesive effect for your room. With proper maintenance and care, your marble furnishings will be able to withstand day-to-day use for years to come.